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Happy Rar from Noodles

Hay there from my buddy Stein.

I had a rare opportunity to work on a big budget GE Plastics Advertisement, in which I got the chance to work in my dream trade of animatronics

By luck, I was invited to work in M5 Industries, on the control systems and basically the internal organs of 3 robots who were being built for a GE Plastics commercial. In the commercial, they were going to be out of work car painting robots that had nothing to do because, because GE is able to create this thin colored film for the skin of a car. The auto manufactures will be able to create the exterior skin of the car without having to paint again.

Of course, this means our robots will be out of work.




Think They'll notice?


I was asked on to this project as a basic electronics engineer, But when I was able to prove my salt, within 2 days I was given 2 technicians and made Lead internal organs man. This of course made me responsible for the health of the robots when we took them to Hollywood shoot, since I was the most knowledgeable of their drive systems.

The time line on this project was an insane 3 week from idea to finished product. Everyone was working long days, 7 days a week. But with a little bit of luck, and an incredible group of machinists, carpenters and artists, we pulled it off. Even the Art Director and Producer was thrilled to death with what we gave them.

I sure learned was pressure was all about. Unfortunately, first day was not smooth running. As a matter of fact, I worked from 7:am to 2:00am with a 6 minute brake to go to the bathroom. While at this time, I am arm deep in robot chest wires while an entire warehouse of extremely high paid people sat around and waited for me to finish.

Still we were successful and !!KICKED BUTT!!

Pictures of Above:



World Travelers

The robots were a real success in the commercial The GE Big wigs thought it could be a good idea if we took the robots on a tour. I thought it was a great Idea, especially since I came along as a puppeteer. Also since I am one of the few people who could fix these robots if they break.

Our first stop was at the Grand Central Station in New York City in which the 50th anniversary of Lexan was happening. Two robots Ann and Stein, along with two humans,Chris, and myself, traveled to New Your. We kicked but and took names.

Pictures of Above:

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