Terraluna the Black Bat's First Page

Terraluna Haed Shot

Hey there from Terraluna.

Bat Playing in the Dark

This is Terraluna the Black Fruit Bat.  As with this being my creator (Richard Halliday's) first Web Page, I was also his first costume design.  I was born on Halloween in 1999, and have had a lot of fun flapping through shows and cons with my friends.

Terraluna is a black fruit bat who's genus family Chiroptera have been flapping through the night sky for many a millennia.     As for popular beliefs, bats are not rodents like mice or rats, but are very much on their own branch of the genus tree.     If anything, bats are closer to homosapiens than rodents.    






When my maker (Richard Halliday) was researching for his first costume, the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco was holding a large bat symposium. They had many samples as well as great information of bats. The best demo was a model of a bat skeleton blown up to the size of a human being. They were trying to show how close bats were to humans. It would take a vivid imagination to believe my friend Ad looks the same as a creature with a skeleton like this, but after a few hours of intense studying at the Academy of Sciences, and maybe a few beers under the belt later, you just might pull it off.

back skell Ad and bat


Remember: Contrary to what many fantasy stories, and tails of horror that will lead you to believe, we are your silent friends of the night. We are the Squeak in night to remind you that you are not alone. We pollinate your fruit trees and bushes, and we spread their seeds for the next generation of fruit trees to come. We keep your pests at bay by each of my brethren eating more than 200 insects with in one hour of our nightly feeding. We fertilize your fields with rich nitrates from our guano. We do all this and more without any expectations for it is our nature as bats.
Have fun with my first web site. As I learn more about web building, this sight will grow.

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