Bay Area Bears &
Critters by the Bay.

Through these organizations of friends, I have enjoyed making Children smile and laugh around our local community. Whether we participate in the "Walk of life for Cancer awareness", visit and give out plush animals to Children in Hospitals and battered children and women shelters, the smiles and hugs we receive is living proof that more you give, the more you receive.

We also have a great deal of fun participating in local civic events like parades, tree lightings and so on. We may not make a great deal of money for our efforts, but the feeling of satisfaction in our little part in making the world a better place, makes it all worth while.

If you are interested to see more about these two worth while organizations, click on the web sites below:

Bay Area Bears ->:

Critters by the Bay ->:

Cool Bat

Not Too Scary.


BAB and Critters Pics :

  -San Jose Bear Fest 2002-
  -Pics of Bear Fest-
  This was a festival of bear collector and makers who meet in the Double Tree Hotel located in San Jose. This was a great group of people to perform for. They were between 2 and 90 years old, each and every one of them could not resist a hug from a cute and furry character.

  -Capatola Halloween Parade 2001-
  -Pics of Capatola Parade-
  Of many Parades I have been in, this has to be one of the most fun. The parade consists of a fire engine in front and the police car at the end, with about 3000 costumed kids in between. Hug E Bear (Mark Murillo) Super Jayhawk (Tony Spangler) and myself Terraluna the Fruit Bat were the costumed characters to perform in the parade. Of course, Terraluna the Fruit Bat had a great time, especially since Halloween month is the month for bats.

  -Halloween 2000-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  Terraluna had a blast this Halloween. He showed up at his work. Then latter that day, he did a pro-Gig at Oakland Coliseum. He performed for the line to a haunted house which Mr Dinosaur put together for the Oakland Coliseum.

  -Halloween 2001-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  This Halloween, Terraluna was caught flapping though the halls of the Great Mall with his friends.

  -Halloween 2002-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  This was Terrakuna's first paying gig. His job was to entertain the kids between the Dangerous Dinos shows. He had a great time along with the kids around him.