Halloween Pics:

One of the favorate times of the year for any Bat is Halloween. From my creaters first costume as Chicken Boy to his first dragon costume, to chasing kids in a shopping mall, there is no better time of the year.

Have fun with my pictures.


So, enjoy.

Cool Bat

Not Too Scarry.


Halloween Pictures:

  -Halloween 1997-
  -Pics of Chicken Boy-
  This was the first time I used a full body mascot costume. I had more fun than I thought was legal.

  -Halloween 1998-
  -Pics of Green Dragon-
  This Green Dragon Mascot I rented for this Halloween Party. I also visited my sisters son.

  -Halloween 2000-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  Terraluna had a blast this Halloween. He showed up at his work. Then latter that day, he did a pro-Gig at Oakland Coliseum. He performed for the line to a haunted house which Mr Dinosaur put together for the Oakland Coliseum.

  -Halloween 2001-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  This Halloween, Terraluna was caught flapping though the halls of the Great Mall with his friends.

  -Halloween 2002-
  -Pics of Terraluna-
  This was Terralunas first paying gig. His job was to entertain the kids between the Dangerous Dinos shows. He had a great time along with the kids around him.