Noodles T. Dragon's Pics:

Hi there and a big !!!RAR!!! form me, the young Chinese dragon. Below is my collection of friends and places I have visited.

Come in and enjoy my little area of the web.

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Thanks Again.

From Noodles


Conference Pictures:

  -Further Confusion 2003-
  Noodles had a great time bugging and bantering anyone who would take it. Luckily Helvetica Bold (Processional dragon sitter) kept the Baby dragon out of trouble.

  -San Jose Anima Confusion 2002-
  Noodles along with his friend Chevron and his Dragon Baby Sitter Mark Morillo (a.k.a. Hugg E. Bear) had a great time getting pictures with cool dressed humans.

  -San Diego ComicCon 2002-
  Noodles was in awe with the artiest he got to visit. People like Ciruelo Cabral, Keith Parkinson, Susan Van Camp, and other great dragon artiest. Luckily nothing bad happen like someone getting eaten, because Momma Dragon hired Mark Morillo (a.k.a. Hugg E. Bear) to dragon sit Noodles. I should probably say that mamma dragon more like gave Mark a choice of either Dragon Sit her young one, or get eaton. Oh well.

  -Silicon 2002-
  This was small as cons go, but it was a lot of fun to Noodles.




Visiting with Friends Pictures:

  -Misc. pictures-
  These are a mix of pictures I have collected from my friends.