Noodles the Chinese Dragon's First Page

Happy Rar from Noodles

Hey there from Noodles.

Noodles side picture

I am Noodles the Young Chinese Dragon.  Momma Dragon said it was OK for me to stay up and visit all you nice people. I am 217 years old which is very young for a Chinese Dragon. My mom keeps saying "The Terrible 200's." I don't know what that means. I don't get in too much truble--much--. Anyway, have fun on my web page.

I was created by Richard Halliday in January 2002. I have had a lot of fun playing with human children in hospitals, visiting Anima Cons with my good friend Chevy the Tiger, and basically bug people. I even got to go visit ComicCon 2002, Although my mom wouldn't allow me to go without a my dragon baby-sitter Mark Murillo. I also have many other friends like Super Jayhawk. It always a good idea to have a super hero for a friend, just encase someone picks on you, although it seems very few people tend to pick on dragons.



Noodles with friends at birthdayI even get to hang out at friends birthday parties. These are my friends Dragon, Ace and Dizzy (from left to right). It was Dragons and Dizzys Birthday. Cool huh?













Visit to ComicCon 2002

Mark Murillo is a cool dragon baby-sitter although he won't allow me to suck my thumb claw of chew on lawn gnomes. He told me "you don't know where those dirty little lawn gnomes have been." When I was visiting ComicCon, someone wanted a picture of me and his lawn gnome. So it just made draconic since to me to see what it tastes like.

Noodles with gnome





Noodles sucking on gnome







You Know, Lawn Gnomes really do taste yucky.




Cerilos dragon


Noodles with Cerilo

I even got to meet Ciruelo Cabral, my favorite dragon artiest in the whole world. Mamma Dragon use to read to me from "The Book of the Dragon.". She would tell me that if I don't eat greasy things like people, I could grow up big and strong just like the dragons in the book. I thought the dragon on the left was real cool.








Have fun with my first web site. As I learn more about web building, this sight will grow.