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Silly little Chinese Dragons

(So what's Dad's Pearl Sappose to do?)

Within a few great souls there lies the spirit of the dragon. The varieties of these people are as great as the number of stars in the sky. From world-renowned people as Einstein or Galileo, to quiet individuals whose only recognition is the smile of a child, these people strive to change the world around them. Even without the recognition of fortune and fame, when a mundane person comes in contact with these Dragon Spirits, their life will be changed forever.

As for myself,

I feel I am one of the quieter spirits, even though it comes in the form of a great western dragon of gold with copper fringe. I do not have great riches to give, or wisdom beyond the ages, but I have the want to bring light to the darkness brought on by sadness and pain, and the stubborn push to see it done.

I do have the want to change the would around me for the better, even though quite often the darkness and hate seems too great for me to have any effect. At that point when the darkness around me seems too great for me to penetrate, a smile or laughter from someone I have helped, explodes into a starburst of light and washes away all of my sadness. At that precise point in time, I realize all my effort was for something.


I have enjoyed making and performance in my costume / mascot creations. Terraluna was my first costume with Noodles the Chinese dragon costume being my second. Prof. Long will be my first attempt at a latex prosthetic costume. Hopefully he will be just as successful as my first two.

Enjoy my little nook on the web. Below are my costume creations or, as many dragons can shape shift, my other selves.



Characters to Know

Terralunas Head Shot
Terraluna the Fruit Bat
He may only be 4 years old, but he loves visitors. So come and visit Terraluna's Home Page.

Noodles Head Shot
Noodles T. Dragon
Even though Noodles is in his Terrible 200's (That's very young for a Chinese Dragon), Momma Dragon will let you visit him at his Home Page.

Prof Long's Head Shot
Professor Long
Professor Long is an Oxford Professor in Asian Studies who is carrying out his sabbatical in Stanford University. He is a tough Teacher, but he truly cares about his students.

Shi'Kams Head Shot
Shi'Kam the Old
Shi'kam is a very old and wise Western Dragon. He will soon be joining us here on this site. He told me he will even put up with Noodles trouble making, for my sake.

Dragon Leathers
Pro Mascotting Gigs
Many of my gigs have been for fun (((OK, all of my gigs were for fun))),
and volunteer with my own costumes. This category is for the gigs that I worked for money and with other costume caricatures

Dragon Leathers
Hairman the Motorcyclist
The closest thing to flying is diving into a corner at 80 MPH marked 30 MPH, then grabbing all the acceleration your motorcycle can give, causing the front wheel to lift off the ground while the engine roars in defiance at anybody who dares get in the way.

Dragon Leathers
Animatronics and Puppetry
Out of luck, I got to be apart of a great animatronics and puppetry project an the Special Effects company M5 Industries. I got to be the internal organs lead to three Robots for a General Electric's Plastics Commercial. I also took them on the road and Puppet them around the USA

Self Portrate
Richard Halliday's Resume.

Here is my Resume for any one to give me a job ;)

From Animatronics Engineering in designing Robots for TV commercials, to Electronic Control systems for making your Toaster self aware, to designing 70% of all Dive Computers in the world, I have had a robust career.

Terraluna Resume Noodles dragon costume